In The End

Shit is really hitting the fan at this point, which I was really excited about. I love books that really hook me and have such a intense climax that I can’t put the book down. This certainly happened with Fahrenheit 451. Beatty forces Montag to burn his own house down, and then arresting him once that was done, but before he could Montag turns his flame thrower on Beatty and incinerating him. Now he is on the run and must flee form the Hound and the city. Faber is the one who tells him how to escape the hound, instructing him to run to the river to change his sent. After he has escaped Montag he finds a group of renegade intellectuals called the Book People.  They are a group of people who have memorized many books and other great works of literature. Their hope is to help rebuild society in the aftermath of the war that his just been declared. Montag’s job is to memorize the Book of Ecclesiastes. Just as Montag begins to settle into the book people’s society Enemy jets appear over the City that he once lived and obliterate it, the book people set out to look for survivors and begin to rebuild. 

Dover Beach

After Montag gets Faber to help him read, they also come up with a plan to get people to read, and remove the censorship of books. Everyone must be a little curious. The plan is that Faber will contact an ex-printer and Montag will plant books in firefighters houses to make people doubt the firemen and not trust them. After that Montag returns home, while Mildred still has company over. Montag is discussed by the frivolousness of their conversation and begins reading a poem from “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold to spite them. This makes all the women very uncomfortable and they quickly leave to file a complaint against him. Before the complaints can be filed he decides to go to work and hand his book to Beatty who again reminds him of the reasons why books should be burned. At that moment an alarm goes off and they rush to the house that is to be burned. Montag is confused for a moment because they have arrived at his own house.

The Sieve and the Sand part 1

The anticipation is really starting to build now and a new character was introduced. His name is Faber and he is the person Montag turns to when he can’t understand the books he is reading. Faber is a ex-english professor who met Montag in the past and he tells Montag about the history of books and how the value of books lies in the detailed awareness of life that they contain. “Books are just accounts of things we are afraid we will forget.” He says, he also agrees to help Montag understand what he was reading and for him the fact that the world isn’t as perfect as he thought it was not too long ago is finally staring to set in. This made me think about whats going on in Ferguson right now, and how it kindof blows my mind that such awful things can happen in the same county that I live in. 

The Hearth and The Salamander

In this section of Fahrenheit 451 Montag begins to realize that he is less and less content with his job. The factor that sets this unease off is when he and his fellow fireman burn a old woman in her house when she refuses to leave her books, and while everyone is packing up to leave he grabs a book and hides it in his coat. When he arrives home and he’s shaken and tries to talk to his wife Mildred about it, she clearly doesn’t understand why he’s so upset and try’s to calm him down. While they are talking Mildred tells Montag that she believes Clarieiess was killed in a car accident four days ago. The next morning he wakes up and says he’s sick and refuses to go to work. And while he is sick in bed his chief fireman commander pays him a visit and explains the history of Firefighters and why they start fires instead of put them out. After he leaves Montag doesn’t think he will ever go back to work and decided to show Mildred something he has been hiding for a long time. A stash of 12 books.

It was a pleasure to burn

Well this is my first post as I read though the book Fahrenheit 451 and wow! I’m not going to lie here I’m really burning though this book (pun intended). I picked out this book out because my I remember my dad telling me about it and I really like it so far! The book is based in a distopian society where firemen don’t put out fires they start them. Their job is to burn books, which are illegal to posses. The main character is a man named Guy Montag, who is one of the respected firemen. The two other chracters that are introduced in this first section are Montag’s wife Mildred, who is a very simple woman. The first scene that she’s introduced in is when Montag finds her in her bed, having overdosed on sleep medicine.He calls the emergency response team and they “Flush the bad stuff out”. I think Mildred is almost supposed to represent the flaws in the society. The second character is Clairsse who has already won my heart. She is 17 and crazy, a misfit who can’t fit into the society’s norms. I identify with her a lot and like how she bluntly asks Montag questions that make him question his way of living. The timeless truth in this book is knowledge is power, I think. Because why else would the government outlaw books, and even go to such extremes as to burn them. I can already tell I’m going to like this book a lot and I’m very excited to keep reading.